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Our cyber security programs help you protect your data against breaches, phishing scams, and ransomware. Our services ensure that your software and firewall can protect your data from any type of cyberattack. Along with other security measures, our multi-factor authentication prevents unauthorized access to your data wherever it may be located.

Data Backup

Our disaster recovery techniques include data restoration and business continuity procedures in the event of a significant data loss. We implement remote work policies to mitigate disruptions caused by extended power outages. We provide dependable data backups that our clients may access at any time. Additionally, we do clean up client computers’ viruses and restore any missing software.

Data Privacy

To deal with the high-value data of our customers, GLT provides a unified data platform with the most advanced data science teams. We offer extensive privacy protection so that our clients may control, utilize, and securely exchange data. Our blend of governance, privacy approaches, and administrative features ensure a better and safer computing environment for our clients.


To ensure that only those with the proper credentials may access databases holding our customers' sensitive data, we give our clients improved access control and accountability. Simply put, we use our sophisticated risk management solutions to enhance the data management policies of our clients.

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