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You may now use our latest cloud solutions from anywhere and benefit from cost savings with increased efficiency. Collect customer data from various sources to analyze, evaluate, and create new engagements to build deeper customer relationships that keep pace with market demands.

Platform Migrations

Experience seamless transitions with Great Lakes Technology Services’ Platform Migration solutions. Our team of experts is well-equipped to handle your business’ complex platform migration needs, ensuring a smooth transfer of your valuable data and applications. By leveraging our cutting-edge technologies and proven methodologies, we guarantee a hassle-free migration process that minimizes downtime and maximizes productivity... Read More


At GL Technology Services, our Implementation solutions are designed to bring your visions to. We understand that successful implementation is the key to achieving the desired results efficiently and effectively. With our expertise and experience, we ensure the execution of your projects, delivering tangible and measurable outcomes... Read More

Integration with existing platforms

At GL Technology Services, we understand the importance of seamless integration. Our team of experts excels in integrating your business processes and systems with existing platforms. Whether you need to streamline your customer relationship management (CRM) system, connect your e-commerce platform with inventory management, or link your project management software with your team collaboration tools, we've got you covered... Read More

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